Monday, May 12, 2014

Now Entering the Final Phase

Lala not ruining our quarterly Kunz, Seidl and Hawkins Photo.(in warp drive!)

Warp drive is over. Well, almost over that is. 

When I first got on my mission, time passed so slowly. Every day felt like a lifetime, an eternity. When I was with my trainer, Elder Kiputa, I felt like everyday would last forever. Everything was so new, so foreign to me, and so different that there was so much for me to process during every waking minute. For a long time, I would always say that the longest part of my mission were the three weeks that I was with Elder Kiputa... not that it was his fault or anything, but it was during those first three weeks were I felt the newest in my whole life. 

So, I asked Elder Hanna about that... way, way, way back when we were still together. He told me that the way the mission works is that the first six months go really slow, then the next year goes by super fast, but then the last six months go by very slow, once again. 

Well, I'm at that point now. Like I said, warp drive is over as I now enter the final phase of my mission. The final 1/4 of my mission. I will say that warp drive over this past year has been really crazy. A lot of stuff has happened within this past year and it's hard to believe that the greater part of my mission history has already been written. Of course, that's not to say that the last part won't be just as good as the mission has been so far... most bad movies are bad because they have bad endings! So, you know, I have to end well! 

If my last six months on the mission really do turn out to be slow like the first six months were (I have a feeling that it probably won't be as slow!), I guess it's really only for my good so that way I get to savor the rest of my mission! 

It's really weird because now, all those things that were so foreign to me and so strange to me, are now actually good things! I've gotta make sure I eat all the patte that I can... it's weird too because sometimes I actually crave a little bit of well prepared patte with a good fried fish. I know that I'm pretty weird for thinking that, but you know what they say, things just have a way of growing on you! 

Don't get me wrong... Benin still drives me crazy on a day-to-day basis but there are certain things that I know I'm going to really miss here that I need to really take advantage of. Like the pignes and the other traditional fabrics. Like honestly, the stuff we have back home is so boring (except Fro's stuff!). Like seriously, who invented plaid patterns? Vertical and horizontal lines. Really? You couldn't think of a more creative design?!?!?!?!?!?!

As you can well see, I think I am going mentally insane here as the two things I will miss about this place are patte and fabric. 

But anyway, this week has been pretty average though. We had Zone Conference again this past week and it was good, though very long. President Weed gave his very last Conference this past cycle so it's going to be weird to have President Morin teach us in August! 

It will also be interesting to see what the future holds for me until that next conference. Elder Lala and I got some news today that we would be receiving a new companion this week. His name is Elder Izekor, he is Nigerian, and he has almost a year on the mission now (feels like he didn't get into the mission field too long ago however!). It will be good to get somebody new around here... it's so easy to fall into bad habits when things don't change and things aren't shaken up! I'm excited to be able to work with him... also, all I need is a Togolais companion to complete my West Africa companion collection (Ivorian, Ghanaian, Beninois, and now Nigerian). Unfortunately, there are no Togolais serving in this mission nor are there any scheduled to come here for a while so I feel like my collection will be left incomplete *sad face*

This shake up comes at a great time though. Our sector is really hurting and really needs to be shaken up as well. On Sunday, during weekly planning, I had counted a loss of about 10 amis from the past 2 weeks! Let me tell you, that's hard to come back from. This week we were scraping by, trying to find people to teach. The few amis that we have aren't very enthusiastic either. We almost got a scare from one of our progressing amis, Anni, when she went on a trip to Togo for the weekend and then when we called her after the weekend, she told us that she moved! For a while, we thought it was outside out sector, but thankfully after searching for her new place for over an hour, we finally found out that it was right on the boundaries of our sector... yeah! 

Hopefully, with Elder Izekor, we can find ways to get new investigators that will progress! I think that will be the best thing everyone can pray for this week for me... that we find new investigators to teach, investigators that are willing to accept the gospel and receive the blessings that are tied to the gospel! 

Well, I don't have too much else to say but I want to thank everybody for the prayers that have been said for me! They are very much appreciated. Love you guys and hope that you continue to find joy and happiness in your daily lives.

With love,

Elder Hawkins

Pics and Videos from our Mother's Day Google Hangout:

Elder Lala ruining our quarterly Kunz, Seidl and Hawkins Photo!

Well, it's rainy season! That's my next door neighbor scooping water out of his home with a dust pan... just life in Africa. Also, oddly enough, our apartment, that's on the second floor, flooded a little too. I guess that's what happens when you have slitted windows and doors with huge gaps between it and the ground.
Ca va aller.
Peacock at the French Institute... we were teaching a lesson to a recent convert and this guy was just chilling with us. Then he hopped up on the little canopy thing (which is very poorly constructed) and there was a guy near where the peacock had jumped up and he was so scared that the thing was gonna collapse!
Oooooooh peacocks. Always wreakin' havoc.

NOTE FROM THE FRO: We had a GREAT time "hanging out" with our missionaries on Mother's Day yesterday.  Elder Hawkins called in first and during the last 45 mins of his call, Sister Hawkins joined in.  One of the things we miss the very most is watching these two interact with each other, they are so funny together! Here are a couple clips of some funny moments. Love these two!!! (also, check out that counter on the right side bar, under 200 days left...wooohoooooo!)

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