Monday, May 6, 2013

The Zeekly E'qil

Oh boy what a week it has been. Felt like it went like *that*! (You can imagine me snapping my fingers right there).

So, I finally figured out what rainy season actually is... really it's just more freak random huge storms than usual. On Monday we had a huge random storm that lasted for hours and hours from the early morning to the late afternoon. It was also May Day (rest of the world's Labor Day) so everybody was home or partying at the beach... however, because of the rain people just drop all their plans, hence why we taught no lessons at all that day. People just assume that if it rains, all your plans go out the window so a lot of people just canceled on us.

But things are going good as ever though... the rainy season unfortunately doesn't mean cooler temps though because it's still scorching hot and crazy as ever. Things between me and Elder Owusu are going good too... thanks for all the prayers with that... we had a pretty slow week this week, but we've been talking and joking around... sooo, I guess all is well.

Alright, so this French keyboard is killing me today (I'll leave it to Fro to explain why I'm using it, but I'm too frusterated to type on it)... sooooo... how about some pictures with commentary! Alright, cool...

So the big news this week was that I got a haircut... and it turned out awful because Elder Shearer decided I couldn't do it myself. That was what I would call a certified botch job. He totally shaved my ears and the back of my head completely wrong. Goodness gracious everyone was like... ohhhh wow... you look really... errrr... young? Even all Elder Shearer could do was laugh at me, so that made me feel great. However, my comp saved me a few days later and fixed it the best he could (he's pretty much the unofficial mission coiffeur). I now have the shortest hair I've ever had in the past 10 years or so. There will be pictures with the final cut to come.

I guess this would be a good picture to put with my baby pictures of me eating with my hands... I guess some things never change. It's funny though, because most people do have forks and knives, but they prefer eating "Togolais style" with the hands... plus they like watching white people eat with their hands for some reason. Weird.

Elder Kiputa, my first comp, got transfered this week... which, because all the others living in my apartement moved in after me, makes me the person who has lived in Tokoin the longest out of all of us living there! Didn't I just get there?? Gonna miss Elder Kiputa though... really great awesome guy.

So this is what happens to most of the roads when it rains here.... the world's biggest puddles form! it mqkes walking anywhere a pain in the butt and tons of motos just slide and fall into the mud which is kinda funny. However; that's zhy everybody's plans just get cancelled... nobody wants to go out and trek around the puddles.

Look, it's the Delaware!  No, it's just a puddle.

This one is for Dad... It's African style hot dogs delicious! Beans, tomatoes, dijon mustard, hot dogs, and onions... it's delicious!!

And then there's African style LU Petit écoliers... still good but not as good when they're melted like that... makes for a big mess breaking them all apart.

These are the Togolais trash people... they drive these freaking crazy welded together tractors that barely work and then like the 4 other guys not driving ride along... usually in the trash they collect... yeah... it's pretty gross and they don't smell much better either. And they never, ever wear gloves... sooooo... I guess if worse comes to worse, I can work for these people if I can't find a job when I get home... they make a good $60 a month soooo... yeah... maybe not.

Yeah... finally got out the ping pong table and just replaced our dining room table since we didn't use it anyway lol. Elder Owusu has been deemed the king of the apartment in ping pong... makes the very boring p-days just a little more exciting than usual!

The jolie elders of Tokoin! Ze got Elder Mukubu (replaced Elder Kiputa and is from Congo too... really nice guy!), Elder Shearer (who botched my hair), and Elder Owusu.

Had 2 baptisms this week. One was with Attigobe, who we've been teaching ever since I first got here and finally decided to get baptized! We were so excited when he finally told us that... such a good guy and says that he is really determined to stay in the Church! Definitely a great guy who was really ready for the Gospel.

We also baptized our Branch President's son... pretty good guy too (don't have much more time at the Cyber so gotta make things quick now!)

Elder Owusu looking slick in his all white baptisimal attire... he usually never baptizes but because his mission is winding down, he decided that this might be his last chance... you could tell he hadn't baptized in a while because he almost went swimming with our ami Attiogbe during the baptism! 

Just your average goats roaming outside the chapel. nbd.

This is our Branch Prez's other son Davide... such a cool little dude but a little trouble maker... cutest little kid though... doesn't speak a lick of French but whenever you ask him ça va, he always responds with his funny little oui, ça va bien. And yes... I gave him the box hat lol.

And finally, my feelings of the French keyboard... as displayed by the French keyboard itself.

Alright folks, that's it for this week. Thanks for all the prayers and support! Keep them coming... especially with the gift of tongues as always. 


Elder Hawkins

Note from the Fro: He just cracks me up.  Every. Single. Week!  Anyway, his usual cyber was closed so he had to go to a different one and couldn't get the keyboard to change.  I left his little "blip" mistakes because actually, I think he did REALLY well all things considering! He told me his glasses keep slipping off his face all the time and I replied that I could send him a nice head strap to hold them in place.  He said he was going to pretend I didn't write that!  Haha.  We made plans for Skype on Mother's Day...only 5 DAYS AWAY!!!  Woohooo!  We made a few back up plans too, so hopefully everything will work out.  Please send out a few prayers that they do, I'm really excited to "see" and talk to my boy!  Even if he has a funny haircut (which, in my opinion, makes him look more like that Osguthorpe side of the family. Don't you think, mom?)  We're going to surprise him by all wearing his hats from the Flyers, Phillies, Eagles, 76er's....all his fav's. It will be the best Mother's Day ever!


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