Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bonjour tout le monde!

Wow... what a crazy week at the MTC. Lots and lots to talk about.
So, we had a crazy bug on New Year's Day... on New Year's Day, we knew that Soeur Hall and Allred went down with the stomach virus (S. Hall had cramps, a sinus infection, and the stomach bug. Triple wammy! Poor thing!). As we were working out last P-Day, Elder Seidl came up to me and told me he threw up twice in the bathroom, so we then had to go to the health clinic (all the healthy comps waited outside while the sick ones waited in the clinic). We waited for about and hour. Then Elder Ihalmo got sick later that day and started throwing up around 6 that night... so that night, Elder Evans and I slept in Elder Kunz's and Elder Adam's room (they have two extra beds) since we were all healthy. That night, we were all talking about how one of us was going to go down the next morning and this was a lot like Russian Roulette! And lo and behold, Elder Evans was barfing big time at 3 AM in the morning. It was really gross but kinda funny because Elder Evans was so happy he wasn't sick the day before. Then Elder Kunz had some other stomach problems all through the night so they went down.
Sooooo... after it was all said and done... only Soeur Hoar, Elder Adams, and I made it through this whole thing not getting sick at all. Let this be proof to Oomps, Egg, and Meanie Butt!!!!!!!! Perfect. Immune. System. (thanks to God though! Don't want to curse myself). So with all the sick missionaries, on Wednesday, Elder Swenson (another district), Elder Adams and I got to direct traffic for the new incoming missionaries! All the other missionaries were too sick to do it, so we got to have walkie talkies and cool reflective jackets. I can't send any pics today, but I'll try to send them while I am in the field. We look pretty dang cool if I do say so myself.
I think in total, about 1/4-1/2 of the whole MTC got sick! It was crazy and almost like a ghost town. It was cool going to class with just two other people. Got some really cool personal lessons so I was happy to have that.
As of right now though, I think we are all pretty healthy now. Yay! I'm sure there's more to say, but there is no time to waste for I recieved my travel plans!
So, we are leaving the MTC at 6:00 AM this coming Monday (14th). Our flight from SLC leaves at 9:45 AM (I think we get to call you from SLC) and it arrives at Washington-Dulles Airport around 3:52 PM that afternoon. Then, we get on a Flight from DC to... drum roll please... Brussels Belgium (random!). That flight leaves DC at 5:55 PM and gets to Brussels at 7:15 the next morning (yes, a red eye). I hope the PennyTalk thing you gave me will still work for the phones because it says what number to call in France and not Belgium! Then, we wait in Belgium for almost 7 HOURS (what the heck?!?!) and get on a flight to Cotonou at 2:15 PM and get to Cotonou at 11:15 PM. In all, it's almost 48 hours of travel... I don't think I've ever flown that much! Maybe I can finish the standard works??
For FYI, our flights from SLC to IAD and IAD to Brussels (BR) are on United. Then we fly on the well known airliner "Sabena Belgium World" from Belgium to Benin... I'm pretty sure I'll be a frequent flyer on Sabena Belgium World just for flying to Africa. The district jokes all the time that we will be flying in the back of a cargo plane with chickens and random things. I'm just hoping we make it to Benin safe and sound!
I'm also the Travel Leader for our group so I'll be in charge of making sure we get on our flights okay, calling the church travel office if anything goes wrong, etc. I guess with all my travel experience, probably wasn't a bad choice huh? Haha, not really... they just choose based on alphebetical order. Anyway, it's a lot of flying! 

I finally got my package from Fro and Sur the other day... not sure if that canned chicken is going to fit (pretty sure it weighs like 10 pounds!!!!). I'm hoping I can get a package sent off with my old suit and shirts and stuff sometime this week. We're supposed to started getting all our daily stuff all packed up on Saturday. I don't think I really need anything though. I just was wondering when Chris's bag was going to be headed my way (is the wallet carrier thing coming too or should I just buy one here?). Also, thanks for the Priesthood line, calling stuff, and other things. They will all come in really handy! Hope I have enough room to fit everything however! I also got the Photobook from Tami (THANK YOU! THANK YOU!) and everyone loves it! It's super cool and everyone is kinda jealous that I have the coolest photo album. Some of the pictures from France are really embarrassing to show people, but they all have a good time with it!
Oh, I also never got the family history stories I wanted. It's not too big of a deal because I think you could probably just email some to me.
Wow... so I can't believe I typed this month and I still have a few minutes. Just so everyone knows, the French is coming really well. I feel like I can speak it at a pretty okay level know and not worry too much about it. Obviously I am nowhere near close to fluent, but the gift of tongues is defintiely real! I find myself remembering tons of random vocabulary that I don't think I would have ever remembered in school otherwise. It's been a really cool blessing and I can't believe that I'll be out preaching the gospel in a matter of a few days! I am getting really excited, not so much nervous but really excited.
Anyway, thanks to everyone who sent me letters. Just be aware, that if you want to send me Dear Elders, sent it to me before noon (MST) on Friday! I don't recieve any on Saturdays and I'll be gone by Monday! I'm going to reply to as many people as I can today but I don't have tons of time to write letters today (lots of getting things together to pack and what not).
Love everybody and hope everyone stays healthy!
Love and miss you all,
Elder Hawkins

P.S. repsonse to picture Fro sent... Fa-rooooooo! and yes I am sick of my suit already!

Note from the Fro: Thank HEAVENS for that "perfect immune system"!  He wrote in a letter that came yesterday that all the sick people resemble the zombies from The Walking Dead. He was wondering if they'd be issuing Biohazard suits. Feel so sorry for those that got sick! 

Some other "Trevor Talk Translations" in case you haven't spent time in our household and heard him refer to his siblings by other odd names.  Oomps (short for Oompa Loompa) is Sienna, Egg (also known as Eggnog, Nog, Noggin, or Deet....don't ask, I have NO idea!) is Keegan, Meanie Butt is Adele; meant in the most loving brotherly way of course (Adele IS his favorite actually).  You already know I am Fro (Fa-roooooooo is the long drawn out version of Moooooooooom) and Sur is his Dad.  Which is Trevor's slang for Monsieur, The Mister.  What can I say, he's a funny kid!  We miss his weird Trevor Talk around here, so I think it's hilarious when he uses it in his letters. As for being the Travel Leader, that's no surprise, even though he chalks it up to alphabetical....he's been traveling trans-Atlantic since he was a baby, so they are in good hands! The P.S. was from an email I sent asking specific questions that I needed him to answer today, in which I ended with "are you sick of your suit yet? That was a response to a picture I sent him of some African fabric to keep an eye out for.  His quilter Fro will need some for sure! 

TO MY FAMILY!  Please, please, please take the time to write down a family history story for Trevor!

TO EVERYONE: Please, please, please take the time to go on Dear Elder.com and write Trevor a letter before Friday.  Go to DearElder.com, click on write letter to Elder in MTC. Click on PROVO, MTC. On the "envelope" Put Elder Trevor Hawkins in the next three boxes put 335, BEN-COT, 0116. Easy peasy!  So what are you waiting for?  No time like the present!  I even provided the link.  Thank you SO much for taking the time to write and support Trevor, I know he appreciates it more than you'll ever know!

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